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Squid game special offer -Fun on Hvar

Squid game was popular series last year and we even before liked idea to have program in offer where you will not know what you will do in our park 😁

And Squid game was great excuse to make best program for our Adventure park on Hvar island.

For our guests it is always hard to choose what do they want to do, and this will make it really easy to choose in that situation.

List of our programs & activities is long so this is no brainer if you want best fun without overthink it 🥳

This is NOT a Squid game copy,

no dead people😁

( but we can still shoot you out if you choose it - with a paintball gun 😯 - keep in mind all your group must accept that option 😅)

If you want a big prize for wining a Squid game, well just add it on the price of program and we will give it to the winner at the end of the game !

So are you ready for this ?

It will be fun for a bachelor party, teambuilding, group of friends or just family fun, we will adjust activities depending on size of your group and age.

There is 3 options to choose


First 5 games all participate in the game (random games - we choose )

You get points in first 5 games


6th game,

will only play that half of group who get most points in first 5 games.

It will last around 1 hour to do it all, but also depend on size of your group.

We recommend to book something more from our offer of programs after it like paintball to get full adrenaline dose from our park

Price -100 kn per person


Is just more games, 10, and also all participate in all games what will group do, you collect a points trough the program, and person woth most points win a game.

Iz last around 2 hours but it will be extra fun for all in your team.

Price :200 kn per person


You choose your games , but, still you need to do it in advance and tell us what games will be included.

You can also choose will you play on points or elimination,

or after how many games elimination starts..

Elimination can be boring,

we will just say them they do not play anymore.

Or we can add a painful part in it

( sorry a law in Croatia still do not allow we really kill them 😅)

So we, or you, if you want, can eliminate your friends from the game with paintball marker. Really, keep in mind, all need to agree with that.. we will ask before the game if all is o.k to be shoot if they loose.

Also keep in mind Costum choice will go with our regular prices for activities.

Optional Games included

For first 5(9) Games

Fight on the gill

Human table football

Axe Throwing

Knife Throwing





Pedal Go karts


Giant X/O


Giant boxing

Airsoft pistol duel

Aitsoft Sniper duel

Airsoft Rifle Duel

For the final game



Battle Archery

This all will be fun, but we still reccommend you book after some of our reglular full programs like Paintball, Battle Archery, Warrior range etc.

This offer is only available with booking in advance &Full payment

For reservation we need

Your group size (how many people, minimal is 4)

Aproximate age of your group (minimal age is 7 years to participate )



And Full payment:( We will send you bank details after your booking )

Reservation form >>>

00 385 98 172 39 32

If this offer go well, maybe we will add event for individuals one time in week, so follow our Facebook page for updates.

And if you do not have group we have 2 other events running every summer from 15.06

Paintball drop in >>>

Wednesday & Friday 18:00

And Battle Royale for Family&kids >>

Tuesday &Thursday 17:30


Can we just come in your park without booking for this ?

NO. We have limited number of staff so it is big chance there will not be available guides for you. We also run kids park,do inflatable rent, run pop up kids park, so sometimes our staff are on other locations and park is closed when we do not have booked group.

How much time we have per game?

Depend on size of your group. Depending on package you have 1 or 2 hours to do your games. That times are for groups up to 15 players, if you have more, we will add more time.

What if we do not finish all games in program?

Our guide will do his best that you do and keep you on schedule. Our goal is always that you have best fun. In our 10 years history all groups did all they booked, but always can happen that yout group is that first one what is tooo slow :)

Why we can't choose our games for the same price ?

This program is a win -win situation for us &you.

Extra fun is that you do not know what to expect in program, like in the Squid game.

You do not need to overthink what activities do you want to do, how much time do you need for them etc..

And for us , we can do program for you with activities what are at that moment free.

What is the difference from normal program booking at your park ?

Well, for most activities, you get more time per activitiy, and also more traning and instructions. This is more lile "try it all" version without to much complications, well like in squid games, just play 😅


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