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Hvar info. Find  activities, hotel, apartments on Hvar Island
Dalmatia Croatia

From a local point of view

There are so many things to do on Hvar. But what should you do depend on many different things? 

First, you need to be familiar with a few important information

1. There is Hvar town on Hvar island 

Hvar island is in Croatia, in part of the country called " Dalmatia"

There are other towns on the island


Stari Grad

Translated to English- Old town- but that is NOT an old town of Hvar town!

It is a separate town with great history. And probably the oldest town on Croatian Islands.

You need to drive around 15 min from Hvar town to reach it.

Here you can read more about Stari Grad



If you were reading other guides- probably you just ignore it

But, you know all that wine tours you see, fun activities, sandy beaches, Quad or car tours around the island etc, they are mostly in Jelsa or in surrounding villages

Pitve, Svirce, Vrisnik, Vrbanj, Zavala, Ivan Dolac ...

"Općina" Jelsa is 51% of the island and there is 3 more.



It is completely on another part of the island from Hvar town, and it is one of 3 main harbors. If you are with the car and take ferry Drvenik-Sucuraj, that will be the cheapest way to come on the island.

Here you can read more about Sucuraj on Hvar



Ever been or heard of Venice?

Well, Vrboska is Venezia in small, very romantic place for couples with many stone bridges.

Also, Here is one of the best beaches on Hvar island- Soline - great for families

 And only "nudist" camp on the island

It has a surf club, water polygons and more.

Here you can find more about Vrboska


And there are much more small villages around the island.

Pitve,Svirce,Sv.Nedelja,Zavala,Brusje,Zastražišće and 20 + more.


And of Course

Hvar town

Most famous place on the island.

Where you have a fortress, Paklinski islands, theatre,

Many clubs restaurants and bars, nightclubs

Read more about Hvar town


So that is in general about the towns and places.


Here are a few more facts about the island and why they are important.


Hvar is 98 km long

So, no you can't walk around the island ;)

And no, you can't see all in one day

You can drive through it, but like that, you will skip all the important parts.


There are 4 ferry ports on Island

2 accept cars, 2  don't


With Car

Stari Grad -ferry port

The biggest one, and here you can come directly from Split with Ferry

(about 2 hours drive)

If you are not with a car, you will need to take a bus or taxi  after to go in Hvar town( 15 min drive) Jelsa (10 min) and even if you go to Stari Grad (5min)


If you are with the car, here you can save some bucks on ferry ticket, but you will need to drive over whole Hvar if you go to Hvar town ( about 1-hour drive) 

Also, sometimes is a long line to wait at Drvenik, but good thing is that you will be on ferry only 30 min.


No car

Hvar town

" Jadrolinija" Catamaran is coming here very frequently from Split 

But for here you have an also option for "Krilo" catamaran

From Split, you need about 1:30 hour



 "Jadrolinija" Catamaran also drive here 1 time on the day

Also if you want to go on a day trip to Bol- Golden horn ( Zlatni rat) it is the best to go there from Jelsa with a catamaran, or with many tourist boats going there.



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