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How to come to Island Hvar

Island Hvar

How to come on Hvar

The easiest way to Hvar depends on your means of transport, and the direction you are coming from. 

Generally, if you travel by car, bus or train, you need to reach Split or Drvenik in central Dalmatia, where you can take a ferry to Hvar or catamaran to Hvar (from Split).  Ferries Split - Stari Grad (Hvar), and Drvenik Sućuraj take cars.

If you go by plane, the closest local and international airports are Split, Dubrovnik and Brac airport, and then you need to take a local bus, rent a car, or take a taxi to Hvar.
There are also international ferry lines to Hvar (from Italy), and ferry lines along the coast which stop in Hvar. 

Regardless of what transportation means you use to come, undoubtedly you will experience the sea journey to  Hvar island. When you see Hvar and start to enjoy its benefits you will know that your journey has paid off.

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