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Fun for kids in Jelsa - Battle royale



Family& Kids  

Fun program for Families & Kids with a Fortnite theme. Build a fort, fight for it with your family and have fun after with pedal go-karts and other fun activities on Hvar Island in Adventure park Hvar Jelsa

Battle royale program Hvar Jelsa

Best fun for Family on Hvar island !

Do your kid like Fortnite, Pubg, and similar games?

But he is always on the computer or a mobile phone playing?

You don't spend too much time with your kids at home?

Why not let him try a real-life Battle Royale?

Fun for parents and kids ¨with a program where all can participate and have fun!


PLAKAT FORTNITE - things to do for kids on Hvar island
Things to do with kids Hvar Jelsa
  • Build a Fort!

  • You build it with cardboard and glue!

  • Looks like a man's job, but we are sure mum has much more practice with cardboard, scissors, and glue helping kids with school projects!

  • So here mum is the boss, the Kid design and help and the father is just a hard labour force :D


  • Decorate your fort!

  • Paint it with watercolours and write your team name on it!

  • Still think mum is the boss for this part ;)

  •  Best Fort gets the best equipment!

  • Secret voting will decide ;)

  • What do you think about the ghillie suit?

Adventure activities Croatia
  • It is time for Battle Royale!

  • We use low-impact paintball guns adjusted for kids 6 years and up!

  • All Paintball safety rules and equipment apply here for a Safe game ;)

  • You can come in your costume or you can choose some of ours.

  • Sorry parents, only kids size, for you, army coveralls or you can just play in a t-shirt,  Low impact guns do not hurt ;)

  • First 2 games we play SQUAD  ( 4 players' team) 

  • Next, it is time for SOLO!

  • and the last- TEAMS!

  • But watch the ZONE!  Every 5 min it is getting smaller. 

  • 4000 m2 MAP  ( Forrest game field )

  • This is man's domain, but mum is a great cover fire!

  • If you need a strategy- ask the kid, he practices every day in-game ;)

  • And don t worry if anything goes wrong-, the staff is there the whole time to help you!

Fortnite croatia

 JUST FUN  part

  • After the game, you can have fun with our small activities like Pedal Go-Karts, Human table football, Trampoline, and Volleyball!

  • Yes, even parents fit in our Pedal go-kart ;)



  • The whole program lasts approx 3 hours.

  • You can book this program as a group any day of the year but the minimum is 8 people!

  • A group 8 +, can also book just the fight part, without building a fort and after fun ;)


  • For family fun, kids' birthday parties and people who are scared of the real deal- Paintball 68 cal ;)

  • Kids need to be at least 7 years old and understand the Croatian or English language.

  •  If your child doesn't speak it, you are always welcome to stay and translate.

  • If you wish to Play Normal Paintball (12+) you can come to our paintball drop-in for individuals, or you can book it any day in the year with group 4 +.

  • BOOK your place in the game HERE >>


Inclusions -Professional guide -Beverages (0,5 per person)

 -All taxes, fees and handling charges

-Entrance fees

-Full equipment for play ( SPLATMASTER)

Mask, markers, costume/coveralls

All the necessary things to build a fort

Human table football

Pedal Go- Karts


Beach volleyball




Exclusions Transportation to/from attractions ( can be booked on request)  

Note: Sportswear is recommended




New for 2021 so still no pictures or video but our kid's time video will be good enough for now ;)

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