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Fun program for Family & Kids with Fortnite theme. Build a fort, fight for it with your family and have fun after with pedal go-karts and other fun activities on Hvar Island in Adventure park Hvar Jelsa

Best fun for Family on Hvar island !

Do your kid like Fortnite, Pubg, and similar games?

But he is always on the computer or a mobile phone playing?

You don't spend too much time with your kids at home?

Why not let him try real-life Battle Royale!

Fun for parents and kids ¨with a program where all can participate and have fun!


Build a Fort!

You build it with cardboard and glue!

Looks like a man job, but we are sure mum has much more practice with cardboard, scissors, and glue helping kids with school projects!

So here mum is the boss, Kid design and help and the father is just hard labor force :D


Decorate your fort!

Paint it with watercolors and write your team name on it!

Still think mum is the boss for this part ;)

 Best Fort gets the best equipment!

Secret voting will decide ;)

What do you think about the ghillie suit?

It is time for Battle Royale!

We use low impact paintball guns adjusted for kids 6 years and up!

All Paintball safety rules and equipment apply here for Safe game ;)

You can come in your costume or you can choose some of ours.

Sorry parents, only kids size, for you, army coveralls or you can just play in a t-shirt,  Low impact guns do not hurt ;)

First 2 games we play SQUAD  ( 4 players team) 

Next, it is time for SOLO!

and the last- TEAMS!

But watch the ZONE!  Every 5 min it is getting smaller. 

4000 m2 MAP  ( Forrest game field )

This is man domain, but mum is a great cover fire!

If you need a strategy- ask the kid, he practices every day in-game ;)

And don t worry if anything goes wrong-,staff is there the whole time to help you!

And JUST FUN  part

After the game, you can have fun with our small activities like Pedal Go-Karts, Human table football, Trampoline, and Volleyball!

Yes, even parents fit in our Pedal go-kart ;)



The whole program lasts approx 3 hours.

For now, you can book it for our day event

2 times in the week from 15.6-15.9.


And of course, you can bring just kids and we will make teams from them on location ;)

And parents can watch or go drink they deserved peaceful coffee ;)

You can also book this program like a group any day of the year but the minimum is 8 people!

Like a group 8 + you can also book just fight part, without building a fort and after fun ;)


For family fun, kids birthday party and people who are scared of the real deal- Paintball 68 cal ;)

Kids need to be at least 6 years old and understand the Croatian or English language.

 If your child doesn't speak it, you are always welcome to stay and translate.

If you wish to Play Normal Paintball (12+) you can come to our paintball drop-in for individuals, or you can book it any day in the year with group 4 +.


BOOK your place in the game HERE >>


Inclusions -Professional guide -Beverages (0,5 per person)

 -All taxes, fees and handling charges

-Entrance fees

-Full equipment for play ( SPLATMASTER)


All necessary things to build a fort

Human table football

Pedal Go- Karts


Beach volleyball




Exclusions Transportation to/from attractions ( can be booked on request)  

Note: Sportswear is recommended


FROM 15.6-15.9.2019






Family discount ( 4 people) - 10 %

New for 2021 so still no pictures or video but our kids time video will be good enugh for now ;)

Call us to book

00385 98 172 39 32

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