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Paintball on Hvar Island in Jelsa. One of the best things to do in Hvar Island. For groups, stag do Hvar, families, and kids. Your adventure is here!

Why do you need to try paintball in Adventure park Hvar Jelsa?


Yes, you can play paintball in many places...

and, yes,

they are almost everywhere

the same

For scenario, -Forrest, few bunkers and shoot man ...


But here are the reasons

why you need to play it at our place

and not

wait to play it somewhere else!

Our Paintball

Paintball field Hvar Island
Paintball Croatia
Things to do on Hvar

Forrest field

great for shade on summer days


4000 m2 only paintball field

whole park around 10000 m2


Bunkers and places to hide on every step...

Everything is made to fit in natural Hvar  surrounding


Except for trees you can hide behind many stone and

wooden bunkers or small bushes



Paintball Hvar window
Stone walls on Paintball field in Croatia

Our Safe zone

Place where you go when you get hit


In Center of the field

so you can see everything that is happening on the field


You can sit, drink and enjoy the game like you are watching some great action movie...

of course, for few mins till that games finish and you are playing again ;)


Everything is fully protected with a special safety net for paintball



Safe zone on Paintball field in Jelsa Hvar
Paintballing in Croatia Hvar

Our equipment

Paintball mask

cover your face and its most important part of paintball equipment


Paintball marker ( gun)

You can choose between Tippman 98 and Bravo ONE ( imitation M16)

Best rental markers on the market!


Coveralls ( suit)

Full body ARMY coveralls with neck protection


Chest and back protection

Also military ARMY



Best paintballs for shooting and almost never brake in a barrel!

Paintball Package Croatia Army

Paintball games on field

There are many options  for playing paintball

It is not just shoot other players ;)


The most popular and of course one of the best paintball games is



Your mission is to capture the flag in opponent base

and bring it to yours or of course shoot all players in another team


Other usual games what you can play on our paintball field are



Shoot everybody in another team



First capture flag placed in the middle of the field and try to bring it in the enemy base



Everybody for themselves!

Staff start counting from 30 to zero

The last man standing is the winner!



Medium level strategy games...



Every team pull papers where is written who they are

President, spy, or a soldier

The spy can t say that he is a spy, he acts like a soldier till he decides differently.

If the president of your team is dead- game over

The spy can start play for another team at any time.




If you are dead, you need to sit on the location where you are hit and you can be rewived from your team at any time.

This part is can be an addition to capture the flag game or deathmatch



the same as in normal zombie but if a player from other team touch you, you are a zombie for them :)



One team defend the house, other teams try to capture it in the time frame

We have house special for that :D




Run House

 Also, we have some special games what you can't find in other places 



When you get hit, you leave all the paintballs you have with

you on field and anybody can collect it and take it for themselves 

 You choose how many balls you will go in the field.



When you get hit, you put all your paintballs from your loader in one box,

the team who win get it all :)

You don't need to go on the field with all the balls you buy, you decide before the game how many you will risk :)



Every player get some extra superpower, revive his teammate, can be dead only if he get paintballs in the head, can choose position before everybody else, have more paintballs then others, have extra lives etc :)

so you get much more thinking to do in the game

Every special power have another color so you know what power others have ;)



Do you like online shooting games, finishing missions and things like that?

Well, you can all do it in paintball also!

SCENARIO is: Find 5 pieces of the bomb, put it together and bring it on exact location before time runs out!

Need reinforcement?

Every 5-10 min your dead teammates can revive and play again!

Like collecting ammunition on-field- paintball packages are hidden around the field!

For this game, the minimum package is 500 balls

And you need to tell us when you reserve that you want to play this game!

Stag & hen pary Hvar island Croatia Paintball

 Paintball Hvar Game itinerary

First, of course, you reserve your date&time and package...


When you come to park our staff will show you the field

Explain all safety rules

and all about how to play the game


How the markers work, how to shoot and etc..


Then we will help you get dressed for the game


You will need to make 2 teams who will play against each other


After you are all fit to go, you will get your paintballs depending on your package


You will go on your side of the field near your flag

and make your strategy with your team.


When you are all ready, the staff will give the sign to start the game.


If you have any problems staff are there the whole time so at any time you can ask anything


When you get hit, you come to our central zone

wait 5-10 min till that game is finished

and when one team wins, you change sides and go again


You can do that till you have paintballs


So you don t play just one game, with a package of 200 you can play at least 4-5 games!


After everybody is over you put you're equipped down and

go to our other activities go swimming on nearby beach ;)

Army equipment for paintball


Minimal age?


In Croatia 

12 years

For younger ones, we have SPLATMASTER 6+  years ;)


A minimal group for reservation?


Min group for reservation is 4

but we recommend 6 or above


if you don t have a group we have 2 times on week in season

OPEN GAME-   so you can come like an individual and play with other people like you ;)


What do I need to bring with me?


Players should wear old comfortable clothing

and may also want to bring a change of clothes for the conclusion of the game day.

The most suitable footwear would be a light boot but old running shoes are most commonly worn. 


Is it paintball dangerous?


Ofc NO- its a game!

Statistics say that is one of the safest sports

yes, yes you saw the bruises and etc...

But paintball is non-contact sports- so no broken legs, ligaments, heads, nobody will punch you...

YES, you can get a bruise, but that is the worst thing it can happen to you if you follow the rules ;)


Does that hurt when you get hit?


Only sometimes, and that is like a mosquito bite.

Most of the bruises you see are when people stop playing,

and start shooting on others because they played

2-3 hours and they didn't get any bullet where they feel pain,

so they are sure, that nothing will happen so they shoot

somebody without equipment on the close range... and that ofc is not allowed!


So, when I get hit, I'm over ???


NO, you play a new game till you have bullets.

Even on the minimal package, you can play 4-5 games at least

On our field, we ensure that everybody plays 4-5 games

on the way that we don t give you at the start all your bullets, let's say,

you are on 200 packages, we will give you

1 game 50, 2 game 5 etc, so on that way everybody

in your group will play at least 4 games with min package!


Do I need to book more activities for fun?


Of course, no!

You will spend no paintball at least 2 hours

But if you want more, you can book some of our combo programs

Extreme Olympic Hvar program >>

Hvar Stag do >>

Team building Hvar >>


Is there something other on Hvar island to do?


Yes, many other summer activities

Things to do in Hvar >>



Where is Paintball Hvar location?


Our location is on Hvar Island, Jelsa, Croatia.

Adventure park Hvar Jelsa is 10 min from Jelsa center and harbour.

From Stari grad you need 10 min drive time

From Hvar town around 20 min drive time

If you are on other islands( Brać,Korćula,Vis,Šolta)
or on Land (Split, Makarska,Dubrovnik,Zadar,Šibenik)
you can come directly to Jelsa with catamartan or on Stari Grad and Sucuraj ferry.
There is also a option to come with a Speedboat transfer (fastest but most expensive option).

Click Here for Google map Location


Where i can find more info about island Hvar Croatia?


Hvar tourist board


Jelsa tourist board


Apartments hotels hostels direct booking


Croatia tourist board





Video of paintball on our field

If you want to see more

go on our youtube  or

on our

Facebook pages



Ready to play ?

Still, don't know what is paintball?


What is Paintball?

Paintball is a team game in which players on one team seek to eliminate those on an opposing team by marking them with a water-soluble dye shot in capsules from air guns. Players play on specially laid out paintball fields which contain specific, barriers behind which players can hide, and so-called safe zones. There are special buildings for playing that are complete with light and additional “traps” and barriers. The equipment used in paintball includes the paintball marker and a face mask as minimum protection. There are also special vests to protect and camouflage players. Advanced participants usually have special paintball loaders and harnesses for their guns, which make it easier to run, load and shoot. There are some differences between Recreational, Sportive and Tactical Paintball. 

Paintball play is available for any person started from age 10.

Dependent on scenario one paintball “battle” may proceed from 2 to 15 minutes.

What is special on our field

We play in a natural Hvar environment with stone shelters. Area for watching the game is in the center of the field so you can see almost anything what is happening in the field. We offer army suits and forest game for a better experience.

On the field, you can play many different games, from basic, capture the flag, deathmatch, but also special games for our field.

The field is very close to the center of the city  Jelsa ( 10 min walk) and harbor. Hotel Fontana is next door.



What to expect when you come for
paintball at Adventure Park Hvar Jelsa

The Briefing

Once everyone has arrived you will be given a briefing by one of our trained staff. This will involve a basic rundown of the rules of the game, how to use your gear, and most importantly safety aspects. If you are unsure about something, now is the time to speak up.


Waiting for the game to start...

You will be split into two teams and sent to your fort to begin play.  Be sure to sort out your strategy before the game starts. Remember to play as a team and support one and other. When everybody is ready your Host will sound a whistle, which signifies teams are ready to play.



The game

You play several games and welcome the suggestion of others.  Generally, we start with “Retrieve the Flag”. The objective is to retrieve your flag from the opposition’s fort and get it back to your base before the opposition completes the same task. The first team back to their fort with their flag wins. When your Host hears the gong the horn will be blown signifying the end of that game. Teams then return to the “Safety Zone”.


“Centre Flag” is also very popular and we usually move on to this game towards the end of the play as it generally requires more ammunition and we don’t want you running out of ammo at the beginning of play! You will be surprised at how quickly you can get through your ammunition. There is only one flag in this game. Each team starts at their fort. The horn will blow and teams race to get to the flag which is in the middle of the course. Once you have the flag you have to get it back to the opposition’s base without being tagged. If you are tagged you must drop the flag, go to the “Safety Zone”, count to 10 and then rejoin play.


You can also play a zombie, President, and spy, everyone for themselves, Defend and attack the fort and so on...  paintball has many game modes.


Also, we have a few special games on our field like Ball stealer, Roleplaying game lives, Superhero 1-2-3, prize games ...










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