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Hunger games  Hvar Jelsa

hunger games
special program

READY FOR hunger games & battle royale?

Do you like hunger games, Fortnite,pubg, and similar films and games?


Ready to try it in real life?

You can also book it for your Stag do /hen do group the whole year like a private event!


Apply for the battle day with a training session of the most popular traditional and warrior shooting weapons and play mix game of paintball in the style of a Battle royale with upgrades you can win on training!


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> Archery range

 > Axe throwing range

 > Knife-throwing range

 > Blowgun range

 > Slingshot range

 > Airsoft duel range

 > Giant boxing matches

 > Paintball range


Our staff will show you techniques for every range and help you. After a training part, you will shoot on every range for prizes & weapons in for Battle Royale  game ( Mix paintball game)


Axe throwing Hvar
Warrior master inidivual program Hva
Blowgun Hvar,Croatia
ARCHERY Hvar, Croatia
Giant boxing-Adventure park

Battle royale final games

Paintball equipment for everybody


Army suit

Back and Chest protector

( Completely safe!)


This part of the program includes 3 games  of mixed paintball fights



Game I.


Battle Royale ( everybody for themselves)

Available Weapons

Paintball M16 imitation

Paintball normal marker

Splatmaster shotgun marker


Bow and arrow ( foam tipped ;)


Available upgrades to win:

Red Dot





For the first game, you get your weapons depending on your results in the training part, Every range can win you a better weapon.

The last man standing is a winner


Game II.

Battle Royale ( Duo) Playing in pairs

All weapons are specificated in the game I.


For this game, weapons will be given by secret voting by players in the game.

Think of them as sponsors in Hunger games ;)


Game III

Everybody plays in 2 teams with full paintball equipment for everybody



Fun and adrenaline day where you will learn many different things and have fun you will never forget :D

Don't take it too seriously, it is just fun for everybody with a MIx story of hunger games and Battle Royale games ;)





Everything you do is completely safe 


for the game we use all safety rules from paintball and all safety equipment from paintball


All weapons have an advantage in some parts of the game¸!

(more balls for splat marker, the slingshot can use both paintball and splat paintballs

sword and shield are an advantage at the start of the game, etc,


This is a "no contact" game!


Minimal age: 16+ Years



Included :

3 hours program

Full paintball equipment


Axe throwing

Knife throwing



Airsoft duel

Paintball range

Giant boxing

3 paintball matches



Free drinks (non-alcoholic)


PRICE: 50 euros per person



Reservation is recommended!

Places are limited to 20 people!


Reserve your place now!



You can book this program as a group 8 + people every day between 9:00-21:00








Paintball Hvar, Croatia
Splatmaster equipment
Slingshoot Dalmatia
Sword and shield
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