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World cup activities croatia 2022


Croatia football World Cup  fun program

Our football team was in 2018 2nd in World  :)

and again 3rd in 2022?

And you are wondering how we are so good at sports and so small country? :D


Well, maybe is the air here, or gravity is stronger here so when we go somewhere else, we are faster, or the strategy of Croatian people, or just we do fun training sessions?


Well, it is time for you to check yourself :D

Take our football World Cup championship fun program and maybe you will know the truth behind Croatian football and sports success :)


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What is included?

Bubble football 1 hour

Human table football 1 hour

Footpool 1 hour

3 fun "football" activities that everybody can play and enjoy the football game in different ways.

First to play world popular Bubble football game on the football field in "Jelsa". 

After you have a 2 km running competition at Adventure park Hvar Jelsa :O

Just kidding, you can walk or go by car ;)

There you will play a giant version of table football- Human table football 20x5 meters in size.

And we are not finished with giant things...

Next on the program is a giant-sized Billard table- Footpool :D

3 hours of the football program for groups of 8 or more people for all secrets of Croatian football success :D


Min group: 8 people

min age: 12 years


Price: 25 euros per person!!



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