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Sucuraj HVAR

Sucuraj lies on the eastern edge of the island Hvar. Sucuraj is located on marvelous decor, which is made by the hills of Biokovo, the peninsula Peljesacand the Adriatic Sea. The first written documents about Sucuraj are from the 14th century and are preserved until today, while the ancient Sucuraj is mentioned in the famous epic 'Iliadis' written by Homer, in which Sucuraj is named Kila situated on the east of island Leke. According to the Greek mythology, this is where Agamemnon, the Achaia king of Mikena, has "cast damnation unto his opponents".

Within the area of today's Sucuraj, there are archaeological findings of culture from very old times. They speak about the existence of two neighboring cities, which sank during an earthquake, and their ruins can be seen under the sea. During the centuries Sucuraj was settled by the Illyrians, Roman, Slavs, Venetians, and French. Its golden time the town has in the 17th century when the Venetian fortress Fortica was built for the defense from the attackers.

In the last decades, Sucuraj has developed into a small city which is a monument for itself (1975 it gets the status of a cultural monument), because it has preserved until today the succession of the architectural forms from the past. The church of Saint Anthony, built in the baroque style with gothic elements, today represents one of the most worthy monuments of the cultural sacral heritage of Sucuraj. 

The second by its value is the monastery of St. Augustin and the church of St.Jure, the building which began in the 13th century and developed intensively in the 15th and 16th century. It is beautiful to go for a stroll around Sucuraj between the stone houses crowded together, continue the stroll around the lighthouse, and the south and north coast of the cape, and admire the colors and the sea.

The tourist and gastronomic activities began to develop in Sucuraj in the middle of the 60s of the 20th century. The inhabitants of Sucuraj are even today nursing the traditional works, connected to the land and the sea. 

Every guest will have the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of this works and feel the quality of domestic vine, olive-oil, brandy, fish and several other domestic specialties in one of the restaurants in Sucuraj. Even the biggest gourmand will not stay indifferent.

Many beaches in the bays, in the area of Sucuraj or in the nearer surrounding, make it possible for every guest to find his place under the sun. 

The bay Perna, 1,5 km away from the city and the bay Alaska, 3 km away from it are unique rarities on the Adriatic Sea because of the fine sand on the bottom of the sea, which cannot be found anywhere around. 

There are many types of recreation: day and night fishing, riding bicycle, sailing, diving, the cultural summer with various events, in which the folk feast 'Ribarske Noci' - 'Nights of the fishermen' stands as a special experience. 

The accommodation in Sucuraj is offered in mainly private houses and apartments. The campers find their place in the auto camp 'Mlaska', while the yachtsmen can stay in the little marina. Your arrival will be easier a: more pleasant with the excellent ferry connection to the coast on the relation Sucuraj - Drvenik.

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