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Why do you need a Mini fun park at your event?

On 99 % of small events, there is food, drinks, and live music.

Big events always have luna parks, sports competitions etc.

Maybe big events become big because they have something more than normal ;)


Of course, it is expensive to get a Luna park on the island, so we offer something different.

Mini fun park  available activities

Inflatable slide

Inflatable castle



Inflatable Fight on the gill

Pedal go-karts

Airsoft duel 

Battle archery duel


Depending on location

Bubble football

Battle Archery


Tourists and locals like to see something for fun.

Parents are free to drink when kids have something to do.

Adults like to compete in everything.

And everybody likes to watch other people doing funny things.

And our mini-park offers all that.


But why you need us there?


Families will stay longer and come earlier to the event.

Adults who do something or compete in something will also drink and eat.

Everyone will have something to look for so they will have fun.

The event is not just night drinking, it can last the whole day if people have reason to come and something to do there.




We can add mini events


Fight on the gill competition for the prize

Footpool tournament

Pedal go-karts race for kids

Airsoft target shooting competition

Batlle Archery competition


Events can be free ( event paying for rent, staff, and organization) or charged to guests.




Short events -  only night events


We are selling time on activities- mostly to families and silver people.

In this case, the event organizer pays full price for rent, delivery, staff, montage, and dementing of equipment.

We charge a minimum price to guests to keep order on activities.

For the price - contact us


1-day events


Depending on event type&location&size, we can charge partly for equipment from the event organizer and part from paying guests

For big events, we can charge only from guests.

If you want some of the Mini events to be free, the event organizer pays for that.


Multi-day events

2 or more days


Contact us with details and we can come for free, charging only to guests of activities.

Also, we will offer you a program of Mini events to add to the event program.

We do not recommend that activities are free, because that makes a big mess with kids.


Other types of events

 ( closed  events)

Weddings- Corporate events etc


If you wish to offer your guest additional entertainment you can rent our mini-park with staff.

It is great for entertaining everybody in a pause of corporate events or to entertain kids at a wedding.


Price example - Stari grad wedding

Mini park rent 1 day with staff

( activities are free to use)


Transportation of equipment ( 2 ways)

Montage and dismantling  on location

2 staff per 8 hours


Equipment rental

Footpool table

Fight on the gill inflatable

4 pedal go-karts

Airsoft duel game ( + spending material)

Battle archery duel game


7000 kn without tax.

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