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Hvar (town)

Welcome to Hvar, an ancient town with a rich history on the island in the Croatian Adriatic Sea with the same name. Hvar is proud that it has the sunniest hours of all the islands in the Adriatic Sea. 
Many people say of the town Hvar that it is a town as from a fairy- tale because of its architecture, wonderful nature and its mild climate. Everybody can find in Hvar all that gives peace to the soul and relaxation to the body.

From the sea, we get the sight of a waterfront promenade strip bordered with a row of palm trees and seven centuries old walls, overtopped by the fortresses protecting Hvar, extending downwards to the town and to the Venetian loggia. 

Coming from the central part of the island or using the road from the ferry harbor we arrive at the magnificent piazza, a square generally considered the most beautiful of the kind in Dalmatia, dominated by St. Stephen's Cathedral and bordered by the palaces of Groda and by the cascading stone-built houses of Burag. 

But, no matter from which point this town is approached, Hvar straightway presents itself as a monument. Centuries have ground its stone, epochs, above all renaissance, have shaped its appearance. 
Monuments within monuments, monuments on monuments. Hvar is a jewel hidden by the time.
We advise you to visit the fortress Fortica (Spanjola), the cathedral of Hvar, the theatre of Hvar(established in 1612) with the arsenal and the Franciscan monastery.

The nightlife in Hvar is what attracts the numerous young people from around the world. A typical partner day in Hvar involves getting up near noon, having a fresh fish with domestic vegetables and virgin olive oil, then taking a place in excursion boat to one of the Pakleni Island bays, enjoying the perfect sea and beautiful people around. 

Hanging in cafes in the afternoon and wondering around old stone streets, visiting architectural attractions is just a warm-up for the cocktail evening in Carpe Diem, and/or disco night in Fortica till the morning.

A special delight of the tourist offer of Hvar is the stay in untouched bays in the near of the town which you can reach by car, by bicycle or at a pleasant walk through Mediterranean landscapes. It is possible to swim in these bays, and in almost everyone, there is a restaurant or an adequate place for refreshment. If we add to these natural beauties the excellent private accommodation with Mediterranean cordiality and kindness of the hosts then Hvar becomes an ideal holiday destination for couples and families.

Hvar displays with pride the oldest municipal theatre in Europe. Hvar has been built through time by notable domestic and foreign architects. Hvar has been celebrated inverses. Hvar has been painted by the painters. But Hvar town itself is the best narrator of its own story. It is enough to come and see for oneself. That way we shall touch the piece of the legend.

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