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Summer schedule for individuals Kids time and Paintball drop in Things to do on Hvar Island for k

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

Kids time

for 6 years and up !

activities for kids on Hvar

Tuesday and Friday 18:00 !

Splatmaster mini tournament

Target shooting competition

Cageball mini tournament


Human table football at end :D

We will make teams on location so don t worry if you are only one ;)

Great fun for kids

First they have Splatmaster tournament.

Depending of of number of kids, we can make teams of 3,4 or 5.

Every player will play at lest 4 games.

After they have shooting competition withe real paintball gun.

they need shoot 5 targets,

The last one is cageball tournament ( football in cage)

1 game last 10 min and every player will play at least 3 games

At the end they all have fun with human table football :D

Whole program last around 3 hours, but also depending of number of kids.

Parents who bring their kids can have fun with Bech volleyball, boccie, badminton or archery, or of course just enjoy in shade of forrest.

Price is 130 kn per person


Paintball drop in (OPEN GAME)


THings to do Hvar island

Wednesday and Sunday 18:00

full equip + 200 paintballs = 180 kuna

extra paintballs 100 paintballs = 50 kn

After you come, we will make 2 teams for play.

At our field almost everybody are begginers so don t worry if you never played paintball

All rules will be explained before game.

Everybody will play at least 4 games.

if there is more player then we can handle on our field, other players can drop in when some player go out.

You can contact us for more info or reservation on

00385 (0) 98 172 39 32

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