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Adventure park Hvar Jelsa officially open from 24.5.2015

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

adventure park Hvar Jelsa

Our park officialy open from 24.5.2015 :D

We late a bit but not to much, just 1 week :D

First part of sports are fully finish so now we have in park:



Human table football



Giant boxing



Beach volleyball

Traditional Hvar olympic

This is just begining not the end ,we hope will get more activities as fast we can ;) But we think even this is more then inaf to fill up at lest 1 great day on Hvar island :)

Follow us on Facebook for pictures from our park:

For prices and more info:

and reservations and questions:

or +385 (0) 98 172 39 32

( we have skype, whatsapp, viber etc ;)

Working time is:

16:00-21:00 ( then we are for shure there ;)

But groups (4 +) can reserve from:

8:00- 21:00

( at least 1 day before )

Paintball and splatmaster for individuals and smaller groups

Till 1 July only

Friday 16:00 Splatmaster

Friday 18:00 Paintball

From 1 July probably drop in game every day but first check up for place and time ;)

We are ready and waiting for you and your friends :D

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