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Couple fun

Couple things to do in Hvar

Things to do for couples or 2 people for fun on our activities in the park on Hvar island. Including Axe throwing, Giant boxing and more.

What program for two includes?

We don't have just Big group activities.

10+ Activities you can do even with 2 people and have great fun!

Our program is packed with thinking on couples who want to do something fun on holidays and make memories together.


For the start

Warrior range

You will learn Archery

Throwing knives

Throwing Axes

Become a slingshoot master

and for the end a blowgun part

Let's see who blows the best :D


After it is time to take modern weapons and try to shoot a target with an Airsoft replica of the M16 with full auto mode ;)


That was an easy part.

Now its time to see whom is the best driver on pedal Go Karts

At the end of the guided program, it is time to put all the anger out of you!

Giant boxing fight!


After you can Have free time with boccie  or just trampoline "jumping!"

This will also be great first date fun :D


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