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Why work with us ?

 We are open for the whole year!

  • We do not depend on sun&sea!

    • Water activities are great but not always possible because of the weather. 

  • We can accommodate more than 100 people at the same time!

    • If you have a big group it's hard to find a place on Hvar where you can send all of them.

    • Also, we can take small groups of 2 or more people.

  • Our location is just 10 min on foot from the center and harbor of Jelsa!

    • For a sailing agency  that is great because you don't need transport 

    • You can take guests on a day trip to Jelsa with other activities and do that all on foot

  • 10 + activities in our park!

    • Something for everybody, we don't have only adventure activities, we have sports too like beach volleyball, cage ball, boccie

    • its hard that all people in the group decide that they want the same thing, but in our park, everybody can choose something that he/she likes.

  • 8 year of experience working with agencies and tourists groups!

    • After you bring them to our park we take all care about your guests

    • You or your staff can play with them or go do something else

  • Beach and restaurants are 5 min on foot from the park!

    • Swimming is important :D We know, it's probably summer ;) eating also

  • Hotel is next door              

  •  ( Adriatiq Resort Fontana) 

    • We are not part of the hotel, but we are very close.

    • If you look from reception on other side, you will look directly in our park 

Why Jelsa on Hvar ?

  • Jelsa is connected with mainland and other islands with

    • Catamaran Split-Bol-Jelsa

    • Hydroplane

  • It is in Center of Hvar island

    • Stari Grad ferry 10 min drive

    • Hvar 20 min to Half hour drive

    • Sucuraj about 1 hour

  • New harbor for yachts and boats

    • Now Jelsa is a much safer harbor and can accommodate more ships at the same time

  • Great sandy beaches

  • ( Mina, Grebisce)

    • There is not much sandy beaches on island and Jelsa have 2

    • Of course , Jelsa have other beaches too

  • 2 UNESCO  heritage in Jelsa

    • Easter procession

    • And Stari Grad Plain 

  • It is cheaper then Hvar town

    • Everything in Jelsa is cheaper, Shops, Restaurants, Bars

  • Best location for base on Hvar

    •  it is in Center of Hvar it's great for a base to see whole Hvar and even maybe a great base to see also other islands because of good connections

  • Best wineries in Croatia and wine tasting is in Jelsa and around

    • Tomic

    • Dubokovic

    • Svirce

    • Plenkovic (sv. Nedelja)

    • and others

  • And everything else what tourist place needs to have

    • Hotels

    • Appartments

    • Bars

    • Restaurants

    • Disco Bar

    • Things to see 

    • and more

  • For more info visit official tourist website for Jelsa


You can contact us on

+385 98 172 39 32

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